Rohingya history is said to date from the early 7th century in the State of Arakan . Similarity of physical, language and culture with the people of South Asia, especially Bengalis has resulted in them considered as non-natives Myanmar. Various genocidal act by the Buddhist ethnic majority in Myanmar was launched to dispel The Muslim Rohingya ethnic since years ago. Many have immigrated to another country for the sake of survival and the survival of the next generation. Some lost their lives in defense of the Islamic faith, dignity and their native land. Unfortunately since 1948 till today, the world community is silent. The Myanmar regime has committed crime against humanity with is most heinous and in human. The Rohingya has been denied citizenship since 1982 turning them into stateless people and the most oppressed community on earth. More than 1 million are refugees. They are denied basic human rights and is expected to be wiped out of within this decade if nothing is done. 

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